Among Us Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 – 1.19.0

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Hey there, Minecraft PE players! Prepare yourselves for an exhilarating adventure filled with mystery and deception, as we introduce you to the fantastic Among Us Map designed exclusively for you. Step into a world where crewmates and imposters roam, completing tasks and carrying out cunning strategies. With its meticulously crafted Imposter’s Lair, a task-filled spaceship, a ventilation system for sneaky maneuvers, a dedicated meeting room for intense discussions, and the option to dress up with custom skins and hats, this map brings the iconic Among Us experience right into your Minecraft PE gameplay. Get ready to uncover the imposters, complete your tasks, and survive the thrilling challenges that await you. Trust no one and keep your wits about you as you embark on this exciting journey through the world of Among Us in Minecraft PE.


Imposter’s Lair

Prepare for devious schemes and sinister plans in the meticulously designed Imposter’s Lair. This hidden den of the imposters serves as a strategic hub where you can plot your next move. Whether you’re strategizing your kills, coordinating with other imposters, or simply laying low, the Imposter’s Lair provides the perfect environment to unleash your inner imposter.

Task-filled Spaceship

Embark on an adventure aboard a fully functional spaceship, complete with a multitude of tasks scattered throughout. Just like in the original game, fulfill your duties as a crewmate, but be cautious of the lurking imposters who will stop at nothing to sabotage your progress. From fixing wiring to diverting power, every task brings you one step closer to victory, or one step closer to being eliminated.

Ventilation System

Navigate through an intricate ventilation system that serves as both a hiding place and a means of surprise attacks. As an imposter, use the vents to your advantage, swiftly traveling across the map and striking fear into the hearts of unsuspecting crewmates. As a crewmate, be wary of sudden appearances and plan your movements carefully to avoid falling victim to the imposter’s deadly ploy.


Emergency Meetings

Unite your crewmates and gather in the dedicated meeting room for intense emergency discussions. Exchange information, voice your suspicions, and vote to eject players you believe to be imposters. These high-stakes meetings are crucial for identifying the culprits and ensuring the safety of the crew. Can you convince others of your innocence or correctly identify the imposters hiding among you?

Custom Skins and Hats

Express your unique style and represent your allegiance with custom skins and hats inspired by the iconic Among Us characters. Dress up as your favorite crewmate or imposter and make a bold statement as you navigate the treacherous world of Among Us in Minecraft PE. Show off your personality and let everyone know whose side you’re on as you engage in thrilling gameplay and seek to outwit your opponents.

Among Us Map for Minecraft PE Pros

  • Immersive Among Us experience in Minecraft PE
  • Meticulously designed Imposter’s Lair for strategic planning
  • Task-filled spaceship for completing objectives
  • Ventilation system for sneaky maneuvers and surprise attacks
  • Dedicated meeting room for intense discussions and voting
  • Custom skins and hats to personalize your character
  • Among Us Map for Minecraft PE Cons

  • Requires Minecraft PE to play
  • Limited to Among Us-themed gameplay
  • May not appeal to players who are not familiar with Among Us
  • Relies on multiplayer interactions for the best experience
  • Potential for imbalances if players do not follow the game’s rules and objectives