Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.0 Alpha was the very first release of Minecraft on mobile devices, initially launched on August 16, 2011, for Xperia Play devices. This version had limited features compared to the later versions but was the foundation for the development of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Functions available in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.0 Alpha:

  • Placing and destroying blocks – Players can place and destroy blocks in the game world, with a limited selection of blocks available.
  • Two game modes – Creative and Survival modes are available, with different rules and objectives.
  • Basic world generation – The game generates a basic world with terrain and water features.
  • Day/night cycle – The game has a day/night cycle that affects gameplay, including the appearance of hostile mobs.
  • Hostile mobs – Zombies and skeletons are the only hostile mobs in the game at this stage.
  • Simple user interface – The game has a simple user interface optimized for touchscreen controls.
  • Singleplayer mode only – Multiplayer mode is not available in this version.
  • Limited controls – Players can only move, jump, and place/destroy blocks in this version.
  • No crafting system – There is no crafting system available in this version, so players have to find blocks in the game world.
  • Limited block types – Only a few types of blocks are available in this version, including grass, dirt, stone, and wood.

Overall, Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.0 Alpha had limited functionality compared to later versions of the game, but it still managed to capture the imagination of players around the world and lay the foundation for the hugely popular Minecraft franchise.

One of the key features in this version was the ability to place and destroy blocks, which is the core gameplay mechanic of Minecraft. However, the blocks that were available were limited to only a few types such as grass, dirt, stone, and wood. There was no crafting system, and players could only switch between two modes: Creative and Survival.

In Creative mode, players had access to all blocks, and they could fly around the world and build anything they wanted without worrying about hunger or hostile mobs. In Survival mode, players had to gather resources to survive and defend themselves against hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.1.0 Alpha was praised for its intuitive touchscreen controls, which allowed players to easily navigate and interact with the game. Despite its limitations, the game was a massive success and quickly became one of the most popular mobile games of all time.

It’s fascinating to look back at this first release of Minecraft on mobile devices and see how far the game has come since then. The success of Minecraft Pocket Edition paved the way for the development of Minecraft on various platforms and led to the creation of an entire ecosystem of mods, maps, and custom game modes.