The Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 1.13.0 – 1.19.0

Free download


Hey there, Minecraft PE players! Are you ready to take on a sizzling challenge? Get ready to jump, dodge, and avoid the scorching hot lava in The Floor is Lava Map! This map is designed to push your parkour skills to the limit as you navigate through a world where the ground is literally made of lava. It’s time to show off your agility and conquer this fiery adventure. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-packed experience that will test your reflexes and keep you on the edge of your seat. Can you handle the heat? Let’s find out!


Lava Parkour Galore

Get ready for an exhilarating parkour experience like never before! The Floor is Lava Map is all about testing your jumping and maneuvering skills in a world where every step could mean disaster. The entire map is constructed with lava blocks, forcing you to carefully navigate from platform to platform to stay alive. One wrong move, and you’ll be engulfed in scorching hot lava. With a variety of challenging jumps, precision is key as you leap, sprint, and crouch your way through the lava-filled obstacles. Can you conquer the parkour course and reach the end unscathed?

Customizable Difficulty

Whether you’re a seasoned parkour master or new to the game, The Floor is Lava Map offers customizable difficulty settings to suit your skill level. Choose from different difficulty options, ranging from easy to hard, allowing you to gradually work your way up to the most demanding lava jumps. Start off with a more forgiving experience if you’re a beginner or crank up the heat for a real challenge. This flexibility ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the adrenaline rush of navigating through a perilous world of lava.

Hidden Secrets and Rewards

Explore every nook and cranny of the map to uncover hidden secrets and earn exciting rewards. The Floor is Lava Map is filled with surprises and hidden pathways, making your journey even more thrilling and unpredictable. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden chests containing valuable loot and power-ups that can aid you in your quest to survive the lava-infested terrain. Discovering these secrets adds an extra layer of excitement and encourages you to thoroughly explore every inch of the map.


Multiplayer Madness

Why take on the lava challenge alone when you can compete with your friends? The Floor is Lava Map supports multiplayer mode, allowing you to race against your buddies and see who can complete the parkour course in the fastest time. It’s a test of both skill and speed as you try to outperform each other while avoiding the fiery demise. The multiplayer mode adds a social and competitive element, turning the map into a thrilling group activity where bragging rights are at stake.

Time Attack Mode

If you’re a speed demon, Time Attack mode is sure to get your heart racing. Challenge yourself to complete the map within a set time limit. This mode tests not only your parkour skills but also your ability to think and move swiftly under pressure. Every second counts as you strive to beat the clock and reach the end before time runs out. Time Attack mode adds an extra layer of intensity and excitement, making each jump and decision even more crucial.

Variety of Themes

Experience a visually captivating journey as you progress through The Floor is Lava Map. Each level offers a unique lava-themed environment that will immerse you in the fiery world. From volcanic caves with cascading lava falls to treacherous lava bridges suspended over chasms, the map’s diverse themes keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. The stunning visuals add an extra dimension to the challenge, making every leap across the molten terrain both thrilling and visually striking.



Even after you’ve conquered The Floor is Lava Map, the fun doesn’t have to end. With its high replayability, the map offers endless entertainment. Challenge yourself to beat your own best time, discover new shortcuts, or invite friends for a rematch in multiplayer mode. Each playthrough brings the opportunity for improvement and discovery, ensuring that the map remains engaging and enjoyable even after multiple runs. Get ready to dive back into the fiery adventure and test your skills again and again!

The Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE Pros

  • Thrilling parkour experience with lava-themed obstacles.
  • Customizable difficulty settings to suit players of all skill levels.
  • Hidden secrets and rewards that encourage exploration.
  • Multiplayer mode for competitive challenges with friends.
  • Time Attack mode adds an extra level of intensity and pressure.
  • Diverse lava-themed environments provide visually captivating gameplay.
  • High replayability with opportunities for self-improvement and discovery.

The Floor is Lava Map for Minecraft PE Cons

  • Some players may find the parkour elements frustrating or challenging.
  • Limited appeal for players who prefer different types of gameplay.
  • The constant presence of lava can make navigation stressful for some.
  • Hidden secrets may require extensive exploration and may be missed by some players.
  • Multiplayer mode requires coordination and may not be as enjoyable for solo players.
  • Time Attack mode may increase pressure and frustration for players who prefer a more relaxed experience.
  • The lava-themed environments may become repetitive for some players over extended play sessions.