Demon Slayer Mod for Minecraft PE

MCPE 1.17.0 – 1.19.0

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Get ready to embark on an incredible adventure like no other in Minecraft PE with the Demon Slayer Mod! This mind-blowing mod brings the captivating universe of Demon Slayer right to your fingertips, giving you the chance to experience the action-packed battles and supernatural abilities firsthand. Brace yourself as you dive into a world filled with relentless demons and powerful swordsmen, where you’ll need every ounce of skill and courage to survive. Join the ranks of the Demon Slayers, wield iconic weapons, unleash incredible abilities, and forge alliances with fellow players to conquer the forces of darkness. Are you ready to embrace the destiny of a true demon slayer and become a legend in the Minecraft PE realm? The fight begins now!


Become a Demon Slayer

Step into the shoes of a powerful Demon Slayer and unleash your skills on the hordes of evil that lurk in the Minecraft PE world. Take on the role of a courageous warrior and embark on thrilling quests and missions to protect humanity from the demonic threat. With your trusty sword in hand, channel your inner strength and become the ultimate force against the forces of darkness.

Unique Abilities

Tap into a range of unique abilities inspired by the Demon Slayer anime. Master the art of Water Breathing, enabling you to move with unparalleled grace and strike with deadly precision. Or unleash the Thunderclap and Flash, a technique that allows you to move swiftly, leaving your enemies bewildered and vulnerable. These extraordinary abilities will set you apart as a formidable Demon Slayer and give you an edge in battles.

Powerful Weapons

Equip yourself with a collection of powerful weapons straight from the Demon Slayer series. Obtain the iconic Nichirin Blade, a blade crafted from a special ore with mystical properties that can slice through demons with ease. Upgrade your weapons to unlock their true potential and enhance their strength, enabling you to face even the fiercest adversaries with confidence.


Demon Encounters

Prepare yourself for heart-pounding encounters with fearsome demons that will test your skills to the limit. These creatures of darkness are relentless in their pursuit of destruction, but as a Demon Slayer, you’re the only one who can stand against them. Engage in intense battles, dodge their deadly attacks, and strategize your every move to emerge victorious. Can you survive the ferocity of their onslaught?

Nezuko Companion

Meet Nezuko, the adorable demon-turned-human companion who will accompany you on your perilous journey. With her unique abilities and unwavering loyalty, she provides invaluable support in your battles against the demons. Together, forge an unbreakable bond as you face countless challenges and stand as a beacon of hope against the darkness.

Demon Blood Art

Unleash the power of Demon Blood Art, a mysterious and potent force that allows you to unleash devastating attacks on your enemies. Harness the demonic energy within you and tap into a range of formidable techniques that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Unleash destructive waves of energy or strike with lightning-fast precision—the choice is yours.


Demon Slayer Corps

Join forces with other players in multiplayer mode and form your very own Demon Slayer Corps. Collaborate, strategize, and tackle challenging quests and missions together. Forge strong bonds with fellow slayers, share knowledge, and combine your strengths to overcome even the most formidable demons. Together, you’ll become an unstoppable force against the darkness that plagues Minecraft PE.

Demon Slayer Mod for Minecraft PE Pros

  • Immersive Demon Slayer Experience: The mod faithfully recreates the world of Demon Slayer within Minecraft PE, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the thrilling battles and supernatural abilities of the anime.
  • Unique Abilities: Players can access a range of unique abilities inspired by the Demon Slayer series, adding an exciting and dynamic element to gameplay.
  • Iconic Weapons: The mod introduces iconic weapons such as the Nichirin Blade, which can be upgraded to enhance their strength and effectiveness in combat.
  • Challenging Demon Encounters: Players will face intense battles against fearsome demons, putting their skills and strategies to the test.
  • Nezuko Companion: The addition of Nezuko as a companion provides both gameplay benefits and a beloved character to accompany players on their adventures.
  • Demon Blood Art: Unleashing the power of Demon Blood Art allows players to unleash devastating attacks on their enemies, adding a thrilling and powerful aspect to gameplay.
  • Multiplayer Demon Slayer Corps: The mod enables players to join forces with others, forming their own Demon Slayer Corps and working together to overcome challenges.
  • Cons:

  • Limited Availability: The mod is designed specifically for Minecraft PE, which means it may not be accessible to players who primarily use other versions or platforms of Minecraft.
  • Dependency on Demon Slayer Lore: While the mod brings the Demon Slayer universe to Minecraft PE, players who are unfamiliar with the series may find it less engaging or may struggle to fully grasp the context and significance of certain elements.
  • Potential Bugs and Compatibility Issues: As with any mod, there is a possibility of encountering bugs or compatibility issues with other mods or game updates. It’s recommended to check for compatibility and keep the mod up to date for the best experience.
  • Learning Curve: Mastering the unique abilities, weapons, and mechanics introduced by the mod may require some time and practice, which may be challenging for newer or less experienced Minecraft players.